• Grikių lukštai_buckwheat hulls (mulch)_buchweizenschalen
  • Grikių lukštai_buckwheat hulls( mulch)_buchweizenschalen
  • Grikių lukštai_buckwheat hulls (mulch)_buchweizenschalen

Buckwheat hulls (mulch) – 12 kg.


Withdrawal only in Kaunas. We send by mail only for an additional fee. Please contact us by  e-mail.  or telephone.

Packed in 12 kg. (72 l) bags.


Buckwheat hulls are used as mulch. Buckwheat hull mulch contains a lot of organic material, so the soil will be filled with them without additional fertilization.

This mulch does not acidify the soil and prevents weeds from growing. Buckwheat hulls do not absorb moisture, so during rain or irrigation the water runs straight through the soil. Buckwheat hull mulch dries quickly creating an insulating layer, so the soil retains moisture much longer than after usual irrigation when it is left unprotected from direct sunlight. Besides, buckwheat hulls can be used to decorate your garden or yard. It is important to keep in mind that buckwheat hulls are small and loose, so it is recommended to water the buckwheat hull mulch several times after mulching or lay mulch before rain.


Buckwheat hulls are a natural and renewable filler for pillows, mattresses and other textile products. The buckwheat hulls we sell are grown in Lithuania. They are of high quality, cleaned and pesticide-free, so your buckwheat filled products will be durable and eco-friendly. Buckwheat hulls are dimensionally stable and retain their shape for many years, but after a while they start losing a bit of their elasticity. You might like the changed shape of your textile product, but also you can always replace old buckwheat hulls with fresh ones. Although buckwheat hulls do not absorb moisture, moisture can weaken the hulls and make them less durable, so do not wash your textile products filed with buckwheat hulls, only the removable covers.


Also we sell a smaller package of buckwheat hulls: Buckwheat hulls (mulch) that grew in Lithuania for soil or textile products

12 kg bag of buckwheat hulls can be pick up in Kaunas by prior arrangement. Please contact us at info@zafu.lt if you require shipping to other cities and we will calculate the shipping costs.

Zafu LT is active not only in retail, but also in wholesale trade in buckwheat hulls. We can offer high quality buckwheat hulls at a competitive price. Please contact us at info@zafu.lt

We also sell cherry stones that you can use to fill your heating/cooling pillows: Cherry stones (cherry pits) are ideal for heated pillows, pads and toys


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