• Žydra jogos pagalvėlė_Light blue yoga pillow
  • Žydra jogos pagalvė_Light blue yoga pillow
  • Žalia jogos pagalvėlė (pufas)_Green yoga pillow
  • Violetinė jogos pagalvėlė_Purple yoga pillow
  • Turkio jogos pagalvėlė_Turquoise yoga pillow
  • Tamsiai raudona jogos pagalvė_Bordeaux yoga pillow
  • Tamsiai pilka jogos pagalvėlė_Dark grey bolster yoga pillow
  • Tamsiai oranžinė pagalvėlė_Dark orange pillow
  • Tamsiai mėlyna jogospagalvėlė_Dark blue yoga pillow
  • Rožinė jogos pagalvė_Pink bolster pillow
  • Raudona grikių lukštų pagalvė Red Buckwheat hulls pillow
  • Oranžinė grikių lukštų jogos pagalvėlė_Orange buckwheat hulls yoga pillow

Buckwheat hulls bolster for yoga “Cylinder”


A yoga bolster is an elongated yoga cushion which can be used for all your yoga support needs.

Price – 24.20 Eur + shipping costs: to DPD pick up point – 3 Eur; to the house with DPD courier – 4 Eur.

We deliver within 2-3 days. You can pick it up free of charge in Kaunas city.


A yoga bolster is an elongated yoga cushion which can be used for all your yoga support needs.

If you spend a long time in yoga poses, you have to be comfortable. A bolster relieves your body on many levels: back, neck, shoulders, abdominal wall, hips, legs, head and even your thoughts.

Yoga bolsters can be used to support any yoga practice, but they are predominantly used in restorative yoga, prenatal and Iyengar.

During restorative yoga, bolsters can be placed under certain parts of your body, or against a wall. It helps you deepen your stretch, as well as enhance the releasing and relaxing benefits.

Yoga bolsters are also a fantastic tool to support the belly for women practising prenatal yoga or for people working with disability. It can support you in a seated position or help you as you progress towards with certain yoga poses.

Some yogis place a bolster underneath the knees during Savasana for added comfort and for releasing the lower back. You can also place it along the spine for chest opening helping to maintain a straight spine, to open the chest and to focus on breathing.

You can also use a yoga bolster as a weight to help you perform any exercise. A yoga bolster is also a wonderful aid to relax more easily while stretching. It is also very helpful for postures relating to meditation and rest.

Bolsters filled with buckwheat hulls are more malleable and molding to your shape. You can also remove some of the filling if your bolster is too firm for you.

A bolster is completed with a convenient carry handle.

A yoga bolster comes fitted with a zip, so you can remove the cover to wash it.

As there are spaces between the hulls inside the bolster, the air keeps the bolster cool, so you will not feel stuffy or sticky using it.

Because of their versatility, yoga bolsters make a thoughtful gift for a yoga enthusiast, an elderly relative, a friend or a family member who just appreciates comfort.


We also sell high quality buckwheat hulls, so when it is time to renew your pillows, you will definitely find to choose from:

Grikių lukštai – Zafu

– Filled with buckwheat hulls, size – 59,5 x 21 cm.
– Outer fabric is dyed 100% cotton.
– Inner fabric is 100% cotton.

You can choose from 12 different colors: red, purple, black, pink, light blue, turquoise, bordeaux, dark grey, orange, dark blue, green, dark orange.

Additional Information


Black, Dark blue, Dark grey, Dark orange, Dark red, Green, Light blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise


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